Advanced Loudspeaker Application Development Project

Multiple-Degree of Freedom Cavity Resonator System

Project MCAP-CR


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Technical information of MCAP-CR was released in 2008 by myself. It is very new technology and technology is now being developed. You are invited to join this world-premier true Multiple Degree of Freedom Cavity Resonator project. You have no obligation to release personal information, and no payment is required (donnation or financial assistance is welcome). You do not even have to register yourself to any database. Just send an email to me and express your interest. It is absolutely free. What is expected is just your feedback.

You may request some design of MCAP-CR for some drivers. New design will be provided, if you request by email and agree to terms and conditions written in the next section. It may take a couple of months to release new design depending on my schedule. In this case, all the design documents and drawings are open to public and you are agreed to report your impression about the design to me. Your impression with your name (or handle name, nickname etc.) will be open to public.You do not have to measure frequency response or other specification, but your impression is very important for other readers. Thus everyone can share information and one's success in audio life. All the information in these pages is free for everybody and is given to public domain.

Your feedback is very much appreciated.

You may send your own design documents with drawings to me after you actually made the cabinets with photographs. Your information will be open to public with my comments, unless you do not want to do so.

Terms and Conditions to use information of these pages

All the information in these pages is open to public. Anyone may link any part of these pages from any website.
Readers of these pages may use contents of this site for non-commercial personal or public purposes. You have to reference my name, if you open these contents to public.
Satisfaction of any works using the information of this site is NOT guaranteed.
Anyone who wants to use contents or idea of these pages has to agree to the following conditions:

1. You may not complain about performance, any error or mistake.
2. You must understand that there may be any deffects, errors, and uncertainty and potetial risks. You must use any information of this page at your own risk.
3. You may not use any information of these pages for commercial activities unless separate contract.

Your report of impression, evaluation, any bug, error or mistake is appreciated.

MCAP-CR is patented by Japan Patent Office (patent# 5083703).
It is not for commercial use without contract.
Try one of applications and let me know your interest in commercial use.

This is personal small laboratory. Any kind of financial assistance is appreciated.