Advanced Loudspeaker Application Development Project

Multiple-Degree of Freedom Cavity Resonator System

Project MCAP-CR

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  1. All the softwares are free to use, but not for commercial use.
  2. Every version is distributed with source code. Users may edit the program source code for custom use.
  3. code001E can be compiled and run on any platform (i.e., Windows/Mac/Linux/Unix/VMS, etc.) where C++ compiler is available.
  4. code002E and newer are delivered in Qt codes. Users may build executable GUI program for Windows and Linux.
  5. There is no support unless written agreement.
  6. Bug report is appreciated, but not required.
  7. No complain for any problems using these software.
Some obsolete versions are removed, because of free server's restriction.
Donation is really much appreciated.
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Software ID
Date Released
BASIC-001E MCAP-CR response & phase simulator written in OpenOffice Calc BASIC. Version1.1 2021/01/08 Document & program source code are packaged to zip file.
Install OpenOffice or LibreOffice before using this program.
Not OS dependent.
code001E Standard MCAP-CR Simulator Program rev.1 in C++ 2012/01/30 Source code with release note.
code002E Standard MCAP-CR Simulator Program GUI version Pre-release using Qt SDK. 2013/01/09 Source code with simple manual.
exec002E_win_x86 Obsolete version. Removed. 2013/01/18 GPL
exec002.1E_win_x86 Obsolete version. Removed. 2013/01/26 GPL
exec002.2E_win_x86 Minor Change; Windows x86 binary executable package of Standard MCAP-CR Simulator with GUI
Now damping coefficients can be set!
Download exc002.2.1E_win_x86 below:
2013/02/01 GPL
Complete Software Package

Following items are included in the Complete Software Package above.

part1 with self combining function(1/5)
Only source code for Lunux / Windows + manual (422.4kB).
SImulation software with GUI. Windows executable files are included. Source files are also included to comple with Qt ver 4.7. License: GPL. 2013/04/09
ZIP file is divided to each 1.44MB or below due to server's restriction.
Right-click and save the link target to local folder.
Execute part1 file, then you get original ZIP file.
It is recommended to use source code only and compile by yourself.
You need to install Qt4.7 (and GCC or MinGW) to complie the source code for GUI program.
Standard MCAP-CR Simulator Program with DFT rev.1 in C++ 2013/05/01

Standard MCAP-CR Simulator Program with DFT - Multiple-Case Solver Release01 in C++ 2014/12/31
last update : 2019/04/05
C++ Source Code with manual.
Windows 32bit Binary Executable Included. - You can just run from command line.