Advanced Loudspeaker Application Development Project

Multiple-Degree of Freedom Cavity Resonator System

Project MCAP-CR


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About Author

My name is Shigeru Suzuki (1st last).
I live in Tokyo, Japan.
Give me email messages to .
I am very happy to communicate with you.

My Audio Life

I had been happy with commercial products including loudspeaker systems for ten years.
When I heard DIY loudspeaker sound, I decided to develop my best loudspeaker system.
My first driver was Fostex FE166Sigma, which is not available now, and it was impressive.
I used to read Tetsuo Nagaoka's craft books as reference.
He was the most famous loudspeaker designer in Japan.

I tried increasing degree of freedom of cavity resonator type loudspeaker enclosure.
Finally MCAP-CR became complete as standard multiple-degree-of-freedom cavity resonator.
First model was made in 2006.
After making the first model, I tried a number of similar models changing drivers.
At the same time, I developed analysis software for MCAP-CR design.
A series of software is fully disclosed with codes.
You will find them clicking "SIMULATION SOFTWARE" in the left pane.

Now my audio system became much less expensive with MCAP-CR system.
Commercial audio equipment technology evolution realized less expensive.

Here is list of my system which are mainly used.

- No CD player
- Raspberry Pi 3B with HiFi-berry DAC as music server
- ELEGIANT F900S digital amplifier (less than 30USD)
- MCAP-CR loudspeaker system with a junk 3" drivers (2.5 USD per pair)
- UP4D-T additional tweeter

UP4D-T is recently developed tweeter system.
Detailed information is available in Japanese Blog.
Information in English will be released later.

Any questions, send email to .