Challenging Three Types of Multiple-Degree of Freedom Cavity Resonators


Every Application Has Proven Multiple-Degree of Freedom effects!

  1. Developed Applications (This page)
  2. Used Full-Range Driver (This page)
  3. Drawings (This page)
  4. DIY Processes (writing)
  5. Impression (Writing)

Developing Multiple-Degree of Freedom Cavity Resonator Alpplication is always exciting!

1. Developed Applications

There are three typical Applications:
Standard MCAP-CR (Multiple-Chamber Alligned in Parallel)
CBS-CR (Carbon-Bond Structured)
AICC-CR (Arbitrary Inter-Chamber Connection)

All the application examples were actually designed and built!
They have proven excellent performance of Multiple-Degree of Freedom Systems!
Let us see what were actually made. Following illustration shows how each one is structured.

 Standard MCAP-CR (left one) is already proven structure and there are a number of applications over the world.

 AICC-CR is new one. AICC-CR has connections between chambers. Number of characteristic frequency of AICC-CR is more than Standard MCAP-CR, if number of subchamber is same.

 CBS-CR is designed to allign chambers in a same plane. In the above figure, main chamber is not directly connected to the chamber on the top.

 CBS-CR interests me the most of all! Let us see more details about CBS-CR.

Standard MCAP-CR


Simplifying CBS-CR
This is standard MCAP-CR with 4 subchambers.
The is original concept of CBS-CR. Rgere are 4 directly connected subchambers and 4 indirectly connected subchambers. All the chambers can be allingned in single plane. CBS-CR may be extended as gray part.
Because left one is too complex, only four chambers are extracted, then simplified.
We tried this simplified structure compared with MCAP&AICC-CR.

Let us see structure of the simplest CBS-CR in the left hand side.

We may allign all the chambers in a single plane, but actually made one has 3D alligment, in order to compare with MCAP & AICC-CR.

As seen in the picture in the top of this page, all the applications are made as cute cubic style.

2. Used Full-Range Driver

Tangband's 3" model W3-881SJ was chosen as full-range driver. W3-881SJ has neodium magnet with die-cast frame. It has natural sound and price is reasonable.
We may choose other 3" drivers. These applications fit most 3" drivers.

3. Drawings

Here is drawing of all three models. TR80b is standard MCAP-CR, AIT080a is AICC-CR, and CBT080a is CBS-CR.
All the model is written in the same drawing, so that you may be very careful. Clicking the figure, you will see enlarged picture, and you may download PDF file.

Write me an email to , if you need cutting plan and more detailed information.